Sweet Protection

I have worked with Sweet Protection since 2016. They protect the thing that values the most – namely my head. Working with constant high risk, safety is obviously the most important aspect with this sport, and Sweet knows quality better than anyone. These last years I've also been so lucky to be a part of the development of Sweets googles and together they make the perfect combo.

This is the most innovating and award winning brand when it comes to their products and on top of that, not only does it look kick ass – it's Norwegian! I am a proud member of the Sweet Protection family.

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Joined the Level team in 2018 for in which top quality products is an important focus. It's all about details and these gloves holds the perfect grip as well as being warm and fits my hand perfectly!


As of 2022 I started working with Leki. They supply me with great poles and protections that give me the support and balance I need to ski fast!


I started a partnership with Run Norge in 2022. They imports and market HOKA in Norway, Sweden and on Iceland. As training is an important aspect of my daily life, quality on what I'm wearing is also very important to me. I love the quality and comfort with my HOKA shoes. As alpine skiers we have to train with a lot of variety and HOKA compliments that with the different shoe models. Everything from running to strength training. It's a trusted partner from everything I do in the mountains, to training and walking around in the urban settings.

Vår Energi

This partnership started in 2023. Vår Energi is one of the leading oil and gas companies in Norway and is a major supplier of energy to Europe. Sustainability is central to all their activities, which is very important to me as well. Vår Energi supports the UN's sustainability goals and uses them as a framework for their sustainability work. Vår Energi has an ambitious strategy when it comes to the work to systematically reduce its own emissions. By 2030, Vår Energi should have reduced their emissions by 50 percent, and share the industry's objective to reach zero emissions in 2050.

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Vasser is a Norwegian design and technology company. They have made my logo and this website.

Check them out at vasser.no


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